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Docframe is a no-code platform for building Health IT applications. Docframe provides a set building blocks for admins to compose custom services. The core building block in Docframe is a Doctype.

Doctypes can represent any kind of data. From a Patient to a Sample or an NGS testing pipeline. Access to each data point in a Doctype can be fine-tuned with table, column and row-level permissions.

This documentation will teach you how to use these building blocks to create custom applications for physicians and patients.

Who is this documentation for?

This documentation is written for admins that build services on Docframe's platform. admins have full-access to the services they manage and the ability to grant and revoke access to Collaborators.

Comparison to Spreadsheets

A Doctype in Docframe is similar to a spreadsheet in that data is organized into a grid of cells. A cell can be selected by clicking the cell or navigating to it with your keyboard's arrow keys.

Docframe is different from a spreadsheet in that each column must contain one type of data and access to each cell can be fine-tuned by admins. A Doctype's columns are called "Fields" and it's rows are called "Documents" or "Docs."

How to use Docframe at your company

Docframe is invite-only so you need to Request Access to use Docframe at your company. Once we have approved access you will receive an invite email to setup your admin account.